ERVCeramics is the label of Emma Vinkovic, a young emerging designer and maker, living and working in the Perth hills in Western Australia. Emma works in ceramics with porcelainious stoneware clay, making slip cast marbled vessels. Every piece is made by Emma from the very beginning: from designing to mould making, casting, glazing and firing.

Her work is inspired by the colours and textures of rock and stone; the marbling of her work references the natural phenomena of Western Australia – geographic landscapes and weather formations. While the form stays the same, the visual texture of each piece is unique, a mix of intention and chance.

Being made from high fired, porcelainious stoneware the vessels are able to be both thin and very strong, as well as being food, microwave, and dishwasher safe. Their function is intentionally ambiguous, enabling them to be used for multiple purposes, from serving food and drink, to storage or decoration.